Experience design trainee at Hyper Island // Organization Psychologist

My drive is to contribute to companies that combine business with a social and environmental focus.

During my studies on the topic of Work & Organization Psychology at the University of Amsterdam I focused on team processes in cross-cultural teams & motivational work factors. Currently I'm studying Experience Design @ Hyper Island, learning skills like creative problem solving & idea generation.

I am really engaged to combine my Psychology background with Experience Design skills to become an awesome creative strategist & experience designer. 

Besides my study I gained experience in transformational leadership & mentoring working as a team coach at Instock & Emile Thuiszorg. 

Me in a nutshell:

Down to earth mentality // Self-conscious //  Good dosis of dry humor (deadpan) // I am a critical thinker, determined to review the effects and ethics on my work on society. 






Fun facts:

* I'm impulsive and have a broad interest:  kitesurfing, slacklining, hoolahooping & harmonica playing are part of my latest random projects.

* Crazy about South-American culture, people & languages. Tried to go to Asia twice, ended up in South-America both times.

* I'm a fan of every watersport, from waves 'till snowflakes, you can ride them all!